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Childhood Cartoons

This is my favorite cartoon in all times.

This was the first cartoon i remember watching in Iraq.

I loved this cartoon it made me go into another world and when I used to watch it all i could think about was becoming Sandy Bell myself (that sounds so funny, but its true!)

This is another Cartoon that i used to love watching.

Its about these characters that morphed into objects and animals.

Below is some information on the cartoon from thier original website.

Barbapapa and Barbamama

There is no problem that can’t be solved by this extraordinary couple ! Thanks to a few adequate shape changes and their brilliant imagination, they can bring to an end even the most difficult of problems, and always in the gentlest manner! They are forever willing to offer their friendship and services; and their good faith is beyond question! All this has not prevented them from become the attentive and tender parents of seven turbulent children: Barbalala, Barbabright, Barbabelle, Barbazoo, Barbalib, Barbabeau and Barbabravo.



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